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Great Public Adjusters

Need a Great Team

Imagine being a Public Adjuster, with a thriving business, where you get to hand-select only the tasks and jobs that you love or where you excel the most? That's where we come in. United Adjusters of America is an industry leading Public Adjustment firm with a passion for empowering other Public Adjusters and a proven system to help scale and grow businesses. 

More Claims, Less Overhead, Higher Profit

You Sell, We Adjust

Are you great at sales, but you want help adjusting the claims? Sometimes great sales personnel are not always great Public Adjusters. Find out how we help great Sales Public Adjusters to scale and operate their Adjustment Company. 

We Sell, You Adjust

Are you great at adjusting claims, but you want help selling? Sometimes great Public Adjusters are not always great sales personnel. Find out how we help great Public Adjusters acquire more sales and grow their Adjustment Company.

Use Our Claims Team

Do you love to sell and adjust claims? Sometimes the only thing preventing a great Public Adjuster from scaling is the cost of having a great claims team. Find out how you can partner with us to both grow and scale your Adjustment Company.


From fire claims to roofing leads, UAA leverages technology and data to identify prospective projects and quality clients.


Documentation is the central focus of our adjustment processes, and our systems provide for predictable and defensible results.


We leverage our industry leading documentation systems to accurately maximize loss valuations and claim settlements. 


Through detailed documentation and accurate valuations, we limit the need for negotiations by proving the loss and our payment request.

Why partner with United Adjusters?

As a company, we believe whole-heartedly in a better claims experience.

We leverage technology, systems, and experience to deliver predictable and defensible results.

Public Adjustment companies have a delicate balance between overhead and potential sales.

Scaling is difficult and maintaining a full-service claims department is expensive. 

We have perfected a plug-and-play system for Public Adjusters to thrive.

Find what you love, master it, and then leave the rest to our claims team.


We can't wait to partner with you and grow your business!


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